Email issues

30 May 2014: The Advanced Manufacturing Alliance changed its hosting and it is impacting several generic email addresses associated with the website and some related services where emails are relayed through the host.  The email addresses are being recreated.  The email addresses impacted are: info@, webmaster@, storage@, social@, and news@. Once recreated, email will resume again.


Invalid Token

The fault most users were experiencing at the end of March has been resolved.  If you are still experiencing difficulties  logging in, contact me.


Some of you m

But the invalid token issue experienced at the end of March 2014 appears to be a problem with how the host caches the site and their mix of dynamic and static cached pages. If the host pulls a static page with the wrong cookie information for your login, then the disconnect between what the content management system is expecting to see and what its receiving will cause that fault.  I have created a support ticket with the hosting company to resolve this matter and hopefully it will be accomplished soon.  My apologies for the difficulties you have been experiencing trying to log in.ay have experienced the 'invalid token' screen on attempting to log in.  The updated website has some enhanced security features to prevent user access hacks and these are similar to the kinds of processes you'll find with logging into secure sites like banks.  The website requires a cookie set on logging in. Sometimes this issue is created by users' poor practices.  Closing the browser without logging out, or logging in and then being timed out after 60 minutes can create this issue the next time you log in because of a disparity between the cookie in your browser cache and the one on the server. 

Please note that once it is resolved, users will still need to remember to log out when finished and don't walk away from your computer for lunch while logged in or you will still get that issue again.

Report an issue

If you are experiencing any other difficulties, please contact me and provide as much information as possible so I can try and replicate the problem.