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Community Colleges within the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance will be disseminating specialized coursework on iTunes U to make educational opportunities more flexible and easier to access for students, many of whom will be juggling home, work and educational responsibilities.  Apple is a key partner to the alliance and is assisting students with their education with iPads and is also providing support and assistance to the Alliance as a whole. 

Each school in the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance has its own link to iTunes U.  Note, at this point, not all colleges have set up links to their accounts yet, but active links to colleges can be found below:



More about accessing subject matter on iTunes U

Searching at iTunes U on the term 'NCAMA' or the 'Advanced Manufacturing Alliance' will not currently yield any results and there is currently no centralized way to search for alliance coursework. If you have arrived on this page using an Android, Linux or Windows platform and click on any of the links above, you will need to have installed iTunes on your computer to access any of the content.

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Creative Commons logoNote: The Advanced Manufacturing Alliance received startup funding from the DOL and all grant-funded coursework and other materials developed is subject to a Creative Commons license.  This includes all material uploaded to iTunes U developed through the grant and supersedes any language by iTunes.  Click on the logo for more information about the terms of the license.