As the lead institution for the North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, Robeson Community College  prepares students for the workplace by:

  • Providing a Success Manager to develop an Individualized Guidance Plan and support for individualized successful outcomes
  • Offering flexible learning options, giving the student an on-demand program to match their needs with industry requirements
  • Designing self-paced coursework to accelerate the student from pre-college to college level course work
  • Matching student internships with industry partners after receiving credentialing; the student may be hired by the employer
  • Growing the pipeline of future workers through Career Pathways and Early Colleges
  • Providing additional œsoft skillsĀ training through human resources development in the areas of communication, effective listening, and teambuilding
  • Preparing students for job interviewing, writing cover letters and resumes through training conducted by human resources development

The Advanced Manufacturing Alliance will provide Robeson Community College with the capacity to produce workers who:

  • Are appropriately credentialed in industry desired certifications
  • Have succeeded at critical foundational subject matter such as math and English
  • Understand the need for soft skills, teamwork, flexibility and innovation in the modern work environment as well as technology in today™s work place
  • Have had hands-on training on the equipment they will operate in industry
  • Have been trained in programs led by and developed with industry
  • Have served in an internship with a potential employer