In October 2011, Davidson County Community College (DCCC) joined forces with nine other North Carolina community colleges to form the North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (NCAMA).  Funding from the grant is being used to hire additional faculty and staff and to redesign and update curriculum to better serve local industry. In addition, students will be working in renovated manufacturing labs with the latest equipment available.

As part of the NCAMA consortium, the primary objective is to offer fast-track pathways to high-quality jobs in various fields for displaced workers and veterans, as well as those unemployed or underemployed. Participants will have an opportunity to earn a certificate, diploma and/or associate degree in the six advanced manufacturing programs offered at DCCC.  Industry certifications and the Career Readiness Certification will also be awarded to students seeking additional credentials.  Through these pathways, the needs of industry will be met, enabling them to hire individuals and quickly return them to the workforce with the required skill sets.

Training will be provided in flexible learning formats; however, the central focus will be in mobile learning.  Students will use an iPad to access their online courses and numerous educational applications.  The lecture portion is very interactive with videos, simulations, iBooks, and more.  This content will be available on Apple's iTunes U at no cost to the student or to the public.  This approach will help cut down on class time for those who still work part-time, and enables students to move through programs more swiftly.  Coursework will provide students will with the needed hands-on training on industry-equivalent, as well as acquire the soft skills favored by industry, such as learning to be a valuable team member.