The main goal of the NCAMA at BCCC is to help train displaced workers for high-quality jobs in electrical/electronics, machining, and welding technology. Partnering with many of North Carolina’s leading employers, the NCAMA will work to provide fast-track pathways to good jobs for North Carolinians.

BCCC's grant allocation was slightly over $2,200,000, of which 90% was for the purchase of equipment.  Highlights of the equipment   earmarked for purchase include the following:

  • CNC Robotic Welder                                70,000
  • CNC Laser Water Jet Cutter                    300,000
  • Two electrical motor simulators                76,000
  • Campus Infrastructure                            659,665
  • Wireless Network                                   111,654
  • Emergent Technology Lab                        65,708
  • Intelligent Classrooms                            564,192
  • Apple Products                                      118,937

All of BCCC's manufacturing programs were already in place, but each will be strengthened by the acquisition of the equipment purchased.  There are five programs: Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Drafting and Design), Mechanical Engineering Technology (Machining), and Welding Technology.  All five offer Certificates, Diplomas, and Associate Degrees.  It should be noted that all BCCC students and faculty will benefit from the upgrade resulting from the new equipment.