Advanced manufacturing is a term that is applied to a wide range of industries.  Each industry will present different opportunities for career advancement and will have different requirements for climbing career ladders. Some companies provide educational assistance to employees so as to nurture talent and ready employees for additional responsibility within the corporate structure. 

To obtain employment in this sector, people must demonstrate they have the necessary qualifications and experience to be hired.  Qualifications specific to the position and often the industry are required.  Advanced Manufacturing Alliance programs are designed to provide students with the necessary academic, hands-on skills, credentials, and experience gained through internships.

Completers of programs offered through the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance will receive a certificate, diploma or Associate degree plus a Career Readiness Certificate credential. They will also have an opportunity to receive a professional credential such as the National Institute of Metalworking Skills, Fanuc Certification in Robotics, AWS in welding or ETAI in electronics. 

Additionally, through partnership with local industry, credentialed students will be placed in internships at companies to obtain the necessary experience required for hire.


Should you have any questions about pursuing a career in advanced manufacturing, please visit the CONTACT page and get in touch with the closest community college on that list to you for advice.  Alternately, contact DeRay Cole, the Head of the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance.