North Carolina's advanced manufacturing companies follow on the state's long track record in manufacturing, which produces approximately 19% of state income*.  The state's advanced manufacturing capabilities extend across a wide range of sectors that include components, biomanufacturing, food products, nanotechnology and aerospace.

Biotechnology employs more than 57,000 people in North Carolina and the industry generates about $64 billion for the state annually and is ranked #3 in the U.S. for biomanufacturing. The state is developing a nanotechnology economy, with approximately 70 companies working using nanotechnology as a core part of their manufacturing processes and services. In aerospace, more than 180 companies are engaged in manufacturing in North Carolina, employing about 9,500 people.  The NC Department of Commerce reports that employment in aircraft engine and part manufacturing has increased by 68% and that manufacturing and building with composites for airframes is also showing growth.

A survey by the North Carolina Manufacturing Alliance of advanced manufacturing companies to which they provide workforce development services projects growth at their companies statewide over the next five years.  The Alliance queried employers regarding their projections for new and replacement jobs in one year, three and five years.  Both replacement jobs and new jobs showed growth.  More on the numbers and trends is at A Growing Sector and a list of companies in the service areas of the Alliance can be found at Industry Partners.

* The National Association of Manufacturers.